Toddler is SICK ! Elsa & Anna – CHICKENPOX – The other PRETENDS ? Who’s really sick ? Doctor Barbie

that’s not fair I never I want coconut I don’t know grain Pink’s is myself Anya I just love you your new outfit that your mommy got you and now let’s play Anya Anya I’m talking to you Olli I wake up we have to play not sleep come on not sleepyhead mm-hm oh yeah yeah I’m sick so I can’t play Lonnie says that I have a fever so I’m sorry no one yeah I really wanted to play with you that’s not fair yeah I’m very mad at you well I just think what do you want me to do I don’t know just get better already Elsie I don’t stay beside me because then you might get a fever too so please fine I will I am gonna go see what mommy’s doing my head hurt should I’m getting cold hello what if I never get better mommy yeah I’m mad because I can’t play with Anya because she see why does she have to be sick right now it’s okay elfia everybody gets sick sometimes don’t be me and well I’m not mean I’m just mad I know it’s sad when somebody is sick but she don’t worry she’ll get better and look honor is preparing her some nice lunch oh yes indeed I am can I hang what he’s gonna eat yes I made her a nice grill sandwich with some cinnamon buns as a nice sweet treat at the end what and that’s not fair I wanted Oh much like that the same thing that’s not fair sorry sorry Elsie abla I’m doing this so we can make her happy don’t you want her to be to get better so she could play well yeah I do but it’s so bad little children all the time here’s a nice juicy lunch plotter for Anya Anya sweetie I’m sorry to wake you up but it’s time to eat lunch look what I made for you yum yummy okay I don’t really feel like eating I don’t get salty you don’t have to everything just eat whatever you can okay okay honey I can I please have have one cinnamon bun today yogi can have the other please no because this is my field get anthem and remember that I am six so go eat your own soon blue because you’re sick I don’t want to you never let me do anything on now I need Anya thanks a lot it’s good but I don’t really feel like eating because when you’re sick you don’t feel like it you don’t want to eat Anya but you have to because when when I I was sick I eat all and then I got better or if you don’t want to eat I could have it Elsa you are right I will try to eat but please don’t be mean because I’m sick and then yours and then you’re gonna make me feel worse Anya I got you a nice cold cloth to put on your forehead because you have a fever okay but will it hurt no of course not just relax and let it stay on your head okay okay and and tell my mommy that I don’t want to eat anymore okay and and all the attention goes to Anya why not me because she’s going out so what I don’t care huh and you know what I think she care about me too let me see what else she’s doing now okay Anya all better nice cloth and now to make you feel better a nice blanket your favorite with the balloon they shall blanket for you that’s not fair mommy wait what is it okay can I look like it are you sure well you can just have this one here you go by pink it’s only plain pink and what do you want I want a special blanket I’m sorry but this one is for Anya so she can feel better I feel better LCI stop with the attitude just take it ah why not what should i do my middle hmm give me and I want ya oh no too skinny a great idea and item just what to do this is who I’m gonna pretend that I am chicken pox so then mommy will only pick take it to me hahaha okay I’m gonna put some chicken pox only on my baby mommy you will really think it’s real this is going to be such a great idea I’m so excited just a little bit more on my face the night arm hey Sarge this is gonna be such a great plan I just can’t wait if they still give me my cinnamon bond and now hey hey oh you kids did to me hehe now time to act like I’m fake as long almost feel good either you should have happy spots on my face at harm hey LC aah you have dots on your face I never seen that before what is it I don’t know we better go to the doctor right away oh no mommy can I can you just make me feel better get me something to drink any please okay I’ll try but we still have to go to the doctor okay why no no okay I will take care of you and give you food to make you feel better but if it’s still bad and the dots are still there and we’re going to the doctor okay alright and here’s a special blanket for you thank you your mommy you’re welcome and now I am hungry can you please get me some food sure I can Elsie ah there’s something weird about you because you don’t feel like you’re sick you’re not acting like you’re sick well actually I am mommy does how that’s how I am when I see a sick hmm no I don’t believe it we have to go to the doctor no mommy I’m fine I’m calm no Elsie I listen to me you’re not fine we’re going right now okay go commit I don’t know I’m scared to go no no no Elsie ah nothing’s going to happen let’s go ok ok I’m going to say one more time come out of the bed mommy look I pick ya round very well we still have to go to the doctor okay no no no all right I’m scared what should I do I’ve been freaked out I’m gonna pull up it is there my mom is gonna be really mad at me oh I’m so scared you can go to the doctor since all see with Sonya let’s go right now no no maybe some medicine will make me feel meh no no no I went to the doctor no cause right now no no please hello guys are you here for an appointment yes there’s an appointment for my little daughter she looks kind of weird and she’s acting weird too all right my name is dr. Karen I’ll take care of you today thank you alright step out here sweetie okay let me help you up okay right there oh boy thankful feared let me have a look at you and see what’s wrong scared everything’s okay we’re good-looking thank you are you getting through hmm I think your mom is right you do have chickenpox and I think you need to get a needle because of this mommy I don’t want to need oh hi scared don’t worry you will feel better it’s just a little pinch and then it’s gone what’s not please don’t do it now very few really know yes I have you in now open the wait stop okay here I go I want to tell you something what is it I don’t actually have chickenpox what what do you mean how do you know you’re just a little child won’t get a wet cloth and rubbed it on my face – then you’ll see okay spray some water let’s see if you’re right Oh rub it everywhere and now let’s see whoa actually the little one looks right look at all this marker and look at her face oh no more marker oh boy did you do this I think you should talk to your mom um okay I’ll see ya in this for real why would you do this why would you trick me well because you were only caring about Anya and doing nice things for her if you weren’t caring about me Oh Elsie ah but why did you do this and you made me go to a doctor for no reason oh because you are only care I care until now Anya into a nice face to her because he was sick if you weren’t caring about me healthier why would you put marker on yourself you know that I love you and you’re my child but you made me go to the doctor for no reason now before you I don’t like when you trick me else yeah you know I don’t see ya right now I just thought it would work and I feel ready and I feel really bad you have just told me Elsa I’m so sorry mommy I will forgive you but next time don’t do this okay okay so else you have new mom I’ll try paying attention to you more next time okay I’m sorry I wasted your time doctor that’s okay sweetie when people are sick they usually get a more attention from their parents you remember when you were sick you are getting more attention right yes I’d remember so now you learned your lesson right yep bye doctor my thank you for your time and patience Oh bye no problem feel free to come when you’re really sick and don’t forget to apologize to omneya when you get home okay okay let’s go home did it begin the biggest disease visit our channel and subscribe for more videos [Music]

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