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Fast appreciate: Bold and satirical pictures on contemporary relationship, from swiping addiction to hookup tradition

Fast appreciate: Bold and satirical pictures on contemporary relationship, from swiping addiction to hookup tradition

Published by Katy Cowan on 29 2020 july

What is your Tindr or Grindr record? Because i am aware somebody who proudly boasts it’s three full minutes. Then let’s move swiftly on to this satirical and subversive series of illustrations by Natalie Wong that explore the world of modern dating if you’re not sure what that means.

Colourful and bold, the electronic artworks in Fast Love address themes of swiping addiction, instant gratification, hookup culture while the paradox of endless option. Basically, they poke fun at dating apps and their effect on love and relationships. Motivated because of the comic guide stylings of Roy Lichtenstein, Natalie whimsically blends imagery of iconic junk food staples and intimately peoples things, making a visual parody of modern dating culture.

“Although apps have actually revolutionised the way in which individuals link as they are the most impactful social disrupters in years, dating apps have actually sacrificed relationship during the altar of technical efficiency,” Natalie informs us. “as the concept of having more choices appear useful, it would likely, in fact, be harmful to dating. Whenever confronted with numerous choices, apps ensure it is too simple to discard matches over small problems because a feeling is provided by the environment of abundance for better times.”

From the motivation behind combining food that is fast and dating-related pictures, she states: “The similarities between your simplicity of access, disposability, addicting and consumer-orientated nature of junk food greatly lent it self conceptually and designed for compelling visual sources inside the narrative i needed to explore.”

When we have a look at her Glazed and Confused illustration, as an example, we initially see strawberry donut with sprinkles. On closer inspection, the sugary decorations have been multi-coloured pills with dating software logos. “when working with dating apps, there is certainly the promise you can expect to match with somebody great, and also you usually receive good reinforcements to help keep searching. Swiping may become addictive and users get a constant ‘hit’ of validation every time somebody fits using them from the software,” Natalie adds.

Inside it ended up being All in Vein, the example shows the iconic red French fries package with human hearts – implying how dating apps have turned individuals into inexpensive commodities and internalised the theory that everybody else is designed for our personal personal consumption and enjoyment.

The artist explores the commodification and devaluation of romance throughout the series. a main underlying real question is posed as to whether or not the fault lies with technology or with us. “there is certainly a strong argument that dating apps are large money enterprises which exploit inherently complex peoples flaws and weaknesses. Apps help our culture’s worst desires for efficiency in a space where people, that are interested in genuine connections, need that is most to resist those impulses,” concludes Natalie.

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