Filled with spam now From text to deliver pic then wanting to skip system spam check. so irritated.

Filled with spam now From text to deliver pic then wanting to skip system spam check. so irritated.

From bad to even worse It’s never been great but somehow it is nevertheless right here while just getting even even worse. 95% + of messages are spam – if you open it quickly after a note notification you’ll see spam, in the event that you leave it a little while the notification stays there however when you start the message happens to be deleted currently. We went along to delete my account and you simply Ebert your e-mail and password to verify removal, however the password must comply for their brand new 6-10 figures restrict where as my password from many years ago has 11 figures – therefore I can’t also delete my account without requesting assistance (and also the assistance pages are incredibly away from date they might aswell delete all of them).

DELETED Keep logged down, lots of spam, many profiles that are fake.

Too spammers that are many ! Too robot account that is many !

Way too many accounts that are fake advertisements there is a large number of fake records welcoming you to definitely visit another internet site. These account users are often geographically extremely a long way away. Another issue is DUAL ad. Whenever an advertisement appears, you’ll want to watch for 15 moments to eliminate it. Then a 2nd advertising will appear and u will have to watch for another 15 moments. Other homosexual apps just reveal one advertisement, making jackd the absolute most annoying among all.

Spam spam spam Don’t work with this software because you’ll get spammed each and every time associated with time. That would pay money for this application.

Spams in history terrible application to utilize ! Everyday you certainly will received at the least 5-6 spams individual and doesn’t make a difference if you report them. Message the group support and they’re a lot more worthless

Full-screen advertisement = force quit app Did you know the things I do each and every time an ad that is full-screen seems? We force stop the application and start a various one. I’m certain that has a tremendously impact that is negative conversions from absolve to professional customers. I am giving you my services that are consulting soon with this insight. 😎

Zzzzzzzz! Change from last review: it now simply does not work properly at all. Every profile photo is black colored. Exactly What an app! Jackd now hopeless. An individual near me personally creates lots of fake pages every weeks that are few. We emailed all this work information to jackd – in more detail – and never heard straight straight right back. Nor did they delete these demonstrably fake pages. Additionally, everytime we see the site, then i get fake messages from automated bots, you sugardaddyforme scam merely need to respond once or twice to operate that away. Gets the building was left by the jackd team? Will they be all asleep at work?

This application is retarded Can this retarded stop that is app me away.

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You’re in need of cash and cannot develop apps The software is just a massive battery hog and it is plagued with insects which have persisted through the years. Additionally, despite the fact that there is not really a solitary thing incorrect with showing adverts in a totally free application (or, without buying an app membership) – most likely, all work should always be taken care of. Nonetheless, this software takes it to an obnoxious extreme – all advertisements are thrown to the an individual’s face, in addition they persist for mins!! It is an indication of true desperation to monetise your organization, and in addition it places your possible premium users down. Fix your antiquated UI, fix the usability dilemmas and pests and reconsider your business/ad model, and paid users can come back into you. Until then, you will draw

Too ads that are many! Deleting

Fix your application Seriously what exactly is incorrect along with your application. Each time we open the its freezes and mostly restarts my iPhone 7plus. It has been ongoing for months and having ill and tired from it. Figure out how to rule and remember not everybody is on iOS 12!

absolutely nothing wrong practically nothing wrong with this specific application. works fine. clearly happens to be spammed by other rivals. haha

Spammers Too many spammers, we don’t satisfy anybody with this software, every message is really a spammer like this one with a web link into the message that is second young and stunning kid actively seeks the great guy or child! 😉 Follow the hyperlink and include me personally as a buddy

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