Making Use Of Py Installer. Running PyInstaller from Python rule

Making Use Of Py Installer. Running PyInstaller from Python rule

Mac OS XР’В¶

Making Mac OS X apps Forward-CompatibleР’В¶

In Mac OS X, elements in one form of the OS usually are compatible with subsequent variations, nevertheless they may maybe perhaps perhaps maybe not make use of previous versions.

The only method to be sure your application supports an adult form of Mac OS X would be to run PyInstaller within the version that is oldest regarding the OS you ought to help.

For instance, to be certain of compatibility with “Snow Leopard” (10.6) and soon after variations, you ought to perform PyInstaller for the reason that environment. You’ll produce a duplicate of Mac OS X 10.6, typically in a digital device. With it, install the specified standard of Python (the default Python in Snow Leopard had been 2.6, which PyInstaller not supports), and install PyInstaller , your supply, and all sorts of its dependencies. Then create your software for the reason that environment. It ought to be suitable for subsequent variations of Mac OS X.

Building 32-bit Apps in Mac OS XР’В¶

This area nevertheless relates to Python 2.7 given by Apple. It might never be legitimate for Python 3 set up from MacPorts or Homebrew.

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Older versions of Mac OS X supported both 32-bit and 64-bit executables. PyInstaller develops an software using the the word-length for the Python utilized to perform it. That may typically be a 64-bit form of Python, leading to an executable that is 64-bit. To produce a 32-bit executable, run PyInstaller under a python that is 32-bit.

Python as installed in OS X will most likely be executable either in 64- or mode that is 32-bit. To validate this, use the file demand towards the Python online payday loans Iowa executable:

The OS chooses which architecture to run, and typically defaults to 64-bit. The use can be forced by you of either architecture by title utilizing the arch demand:

AppleРІР‚в„ўs default may circumvent the arch specification and run 64-bit regardless. (that isn’t the scenario in the event that you use arch up to a version that is specific .) To ensure of operating 32-bit in every cases, set the following environment adjustable:

Obtaining the Opened Document Names

Help for OpenDocument activities is broken in PyInstaller 3.0 owing to code modifications required into the bootloader to aid present variations of Mac OS X. Try not to make an effort to utilize this function until it was fixed. If this particular aspect is very important for you, follow and comment on the status of PyInstaller Issue #1309.

Each time an individual double-clicks a document of a kind the job supports, or whenever a person drags a document symbol and falls it on your own applicationРІР‚в„ўs symbol, Mac OS X launches the job and offers the name(s) regarding the exposed document(s) by means of an Open Document Apple Event. This Apple Event is gotten because of the bootloader before your rule has begun performing.

The bootloader gets the true names of opened papers through the Open Document occasion and encodes them to the argv sequence before beginning your rule. Therefore your rule can query sys.argv to have the true names of papers which should be exposed at startup.

Open Document is truly the only Apple Event the bootloader handles. You must set up the appropriate handlers if you want to handle other events, or events that are delivered after the program has launched.

Dependent on whether Python had been build as a 32-bit or an executable that is 64-bit might need to set or unset the surroundings adjustable OBJECT_MODE . The following command can be used to determine the size

As soon as the response is True (as above) Python had been build being a 32-bit executable.

Whenever using a 32-bit python executable proceed as follows:

Whenever using a python that is 64-bit proceed as follows:

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