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Handbook with instruction for online branding of business

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The contents of the Internet Branding package are in three parts:
• The first part is branding the direct communication of the business with the market, the customers;
• The second part is the branding of indirect communication, mass communication with the market, buyers and consumers;
• The third part is branding the products and / or services of the company.

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More about application of the Handbook

Digitalization is a process that affects all industries and sectors at different rates. Businesses go through three stages in that process:

Digitization, Converting analog information into digital form. Simply put, storing photos on a computer, burning audio cassettes to a CD, transferring a video cassette to a CD. Digitization goes from “paper” to “zeros and ones”, ie the transition from the real to the virtual world.
Digitization is the next step, a process in which information (already in digital form) is combined so that it is connected and easier to use, in order to simplify or speed up some operations that were previously done manually. Practically, the same thing that was done in the old, analog, “paper” way, can be done in a digital way. The essence has not changed, only the form has changed, with the numerous advantages that computers and networking bring, just as automation replaces human labor in many ways. Thanks to digitization and digitization, information has become readily available for use on various platforms. devices and interfaces. And that’s the digital world we live in today.
Digital transformation comes after digitalization. It is completely different from company to company, because although the same digital technologies are used, the essence is in transforming people and changing their way of thinking. Digitalization can also take place within the old, inherited, industrial business model, and digital transformation is impossible within that framework, because it requires a new, digital business model, necessary on the road from the traditional economy to the new, digital economy.

Digital transformation is a process of integration of digital technologies in all areas of business, with radical changes in the way technology is used, people and business processes, in order to improve the user experience in line with the constant changes in the market.
The question is not whether the company should undergo a digital transformation, but when and at what price it will happen. The sooner this happens, the lower the price.
This Educational Package 1 is about online branding.
The development was based on two principles, simple to apply and fast results for the business.
Simplicity is ensured by a good balance of theory and practice. The theory explains what and why to use, and in the practical part how to apply the proposed tool. Additionally, manuals and links are offered for the theoretical part.
The speed of achieving a result for the business is based on the offer of free tools already available on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, with narrative explanations and videos with instructions for using the tool.



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