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Application of Energy efficiency measures in architects projects

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TRAINING OF ARCHITECTS For integrated and systematic access in developing of EE buildings

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Duration: 16 hours


Minimum VII level of qualification according to NQF (graduated engineers or architects)
Work experience of 3 years in designing of buildings or in public institutions in the area of energy efficiency
Age above 18 years


The training overall objective is:

  • to facilitate the participants to be able to follow and implement the systematic and logical approach while designing the EE buildings using four areas/pillars in the process of planning and building the constructions (the need of RM for EE
  • knowledge and skills while calculating the EE in designing the EE buildings
  • implementation of the regulatory framework for buildings’ classification according to the EE
  • raising the clients’ awareness regarding the value added in designing and building the EE constructions).

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Vendor Information

Vendor Info

Store Name: Knowledge and skills management centre

Vendor Name: Lihnida Gjorgjievska Stojanovska

Address: Dame Gruev 14а

Seler Phone: +389 2 3 229 040

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